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Doing Up Your Home With Tropical Decor

If you are looking to give your home an exotic touch then tropical decor is just right for you. Comfortable homes that shout out a warm welcome to your visitors can be easily achieved by bringing the tropics to your living room. However, there are people who go a little overboard in trying to get that chic look. Using multiple clashing colors and inundating your home with swinging palm motifs is not what tropical decor is all about. It is much more subtle with intricate textures that are complimented beautifully by a few larger pieces of interior accessories.

Furniture used in Tropical Decor 

This is one of the vital components that go a long way in giving your place that breezy, comfortable yet elegant look. Going to the tropics is all about lazing out in the sun and generally having a good time. Tropical decor tries to incorporate the same features into your living. Furniture that is trendy yet comfortable should be used for getting the right look.

Rattan furniture is a must in a tropical setting. Use furniture made of lighter woods but accentuate these pieces by keeping darker shades or lamps next to them; this makes them look cozy and warm. Rattan furniture is made from the wood of a tropical tree hence you cannot go any more natural than that. Apart from being extremely casual yet cozy, such furniture is also very durable and does not break or warp easily.

Bamboo and wicker is another great choice for furnishing your house in tropical Decor. These are natural looking yet extremely flexible, durable and comfortable. Compliment these pieces with exotic rosewood or mahogany wood things to get a natural yet elegant look.

Common Motifs used in Tropical Decor

Banana and palm trees, animal prints and exotic sea creatures are some very common tropical Decor motifs. To make your house stand out from the rest get some funky stuff like grass-cloth door mats, door magnets and welcome canvases shaped like exotic jungle creatures. To ensure a balanced effect, team these funky aspects with some conventional pieces of accessories like throw rugs in warm shades and lively motif wall pictures.

Natural and warm colors such as pale green, earth brown, golds, tan, camel and ivory are generally used as the foundations for tropical Decor. Accessories in darker hues like amber and reds can give a very lush and luxurious feel to your living rooms. Opt for jade and olive green plants that can make you house look very welcoming. Palm trees either real or artificial can be used to complement all the muted shades used in a room.

Getting the right tropical look is all about blending the conventional with the exotic. Tropical decor which has just the right amount of animal and jungle prints accompanied with minimalistic yet comfortable wooden furniture can make your house look warm, welcoming yet trendy and chic. Ensure that you do not end up creating a jungle in your living room; such excess is better confined to the kid’s area.

About the Author: Head writer Scarlett has extensive knowledge of interior design and decorating. Visit her favorite online rug store featuring bamboo rugs and green rugs - which are ideal for the tropical home.

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