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Organizing Your Bathroom With Baskets

    by Rachel Paxton 

Baskets are an easy, inexpensive way to add some eye appeal to any room of your home…including the bathroom!

I recently redecorated my bathroom and re-organized and cleaned up some of the clutter by putting things in baskets. It changed the whole look of my bathroom.

I purchased my baskets very inexpensively at a local discount store and a thrift store, looking for ones of different sizes and shapes. The ones from the thrift store cost about a dollar, and the others, including a large one, were less than $10. The variety of sizes allows you more flexibility when placing them around the bathroom.

After I had rearranged my bedroom, I ended up with a pretty floral iron shelf rack that I didn't have room for anymore. It fit perfectly in the bathroom in between the towel rack and the shower. Instead of just piling stuff on top if it, I arranged some of my baskets on it with things we reach for often.

The top shelf contains a medium-sized basket with rolled-up washcloths standing up in it. A small basket next to it contains my foot scrub and lotion and cuticle cream.

The second shelf has folded towels stacked on one side and a basket next to it with several kinds of lotions.

The bottom shelf has a large basket with several rolls of toilet paper (in easy reach).

If you have room, a large basket on the floor is a great place to store all of your bathroom reading material.

I also placed a small basket with my razor and shaving cream on the edge of the bathtub. 

I have also seen shelves that are lined with small baskets for cosmetics, cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc.

You can place potted plants in baskets.

 I wanted to liven up my baskets just a little more so I looked for some sort of linens to line them. At a flea market I found a set of five antique linen napkins with crocheted edging for $5. I now have 5 matching basket liners!

These baskets really clean up the clutter and can give your bathroom a neater, more organized look. It's also easier to keep clean when everything has its place.

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About the Author:  Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer, mom, and owner of four home and family web sites. Visit for everyday hints and tips for getting your life and your family more organized.

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