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Organize Tools With Fishing Tackle Boxes

Fishing tackle boxes work great for keeping small power tools and their accessories and bits organized. Whenever I see fishing tackle box at a garage sale or rummage sale I grab it. You can uses stencils and spray paint to label the outside of the box.

Storing Sandpaper

Store your sandpaper in a three ring binder. Just uses some pocket folders to keep the sandpaper organized by different grits in the binder. Label the binding of the three ring binder "Sandpaper" so that it's easy to see when sitting on shelf.

Storing Items In Baby Food Jars

Baby food jars are great for storing small nails, screws and other items so that they are easy to see. You can put the jars in a old spice race to keep them together. You can also attach the metal lids to the underside of a shelf, the jars can then hang from the shelf and be seen easily.

Avoiding Workbench Clutter

Keep a garbage can right by your workbench to keep debris from cluttering up your work area. If you have more than one work area put a trash can next to each. Try to find convenient place to store items like safety goggles so that they are near where you used them the most, hanging them on the gall by your table saw for example. Keep a small hand broom near your work bench to sweep debris into a garbage can.

Twist Ties and Rubber Bands

Twist ties work well for wrapping up power tool cords and keeping wires together. Rubber bands also have a variety of uses and are good to keep handy. Take an old bike inner tube and cut it into rings to make some heavy duty rubber bands.

Hanging Tools

If you enough wall space, hang shovels and other garden tools upside down on your walls. For smaller tools you can get a peg board that you can mount on your wall and fit with a variety of pegs and hooks and store tools that you need to have handy.

Storing Paint Cans

Before storing paint, put some paint on the top and side of the can so you can easily see what color it is. If the can is almost empty, transfer it to a smaller container since paint cans take up a lot of shelf space. If you may want to try to recreate the color in the future, write the color information on a piece of paper and tape it to the side of the paint can.

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