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Closet Organizer Tips  

By Brian Channell

While searching for that perfect closet organizer to suit your storage needs, itís important to consider how much space you need. Sometimes itís hard to throw beloved items away for the sake of storage space, but you donít necessarily have to if you have the proper closet organizer. If youíre trying to create storage space as well as organize your closet in a more efficient manner, there are several items available for purchase that will make your task easier. 

Stacks and Stacks has a unique closet organizer for sale called the InstaHanger. The instahanger takes up a very small amount of space and can hold up to 60 pounds of clothing. It attaches to the wall and can be closed when not in use, making it a flexible and unobtrusive closet organizer. The InstaHanger is perfect for indoor or outdoor use because it is made with weather resistant materials. 

Another closet organizer gaining rave reviews at Stacks and Stacks is the Campus Closet Collection. Campus Closets are modular, stackable closet organizers that provide extra storage drawers for sweaters, towels, toys, undergarments, and everything else in your closet that requires a storage solution. Each drawer on these closet organizers slides in and out for easy access, and the entire closet organizer is durable and capable of supporting extremely heavy loads. 

For extra floor space, consider using hanging storage closet organizers. Stacks and Stacks sells these items specifically for shoes, dresses, sweaters, and accessories. They hang directly on the closet rod, allowing for additional vertical storage. If your closet floor is cluttered, vertical storage is a helpful solution. 

Wicker Basket  A visually appealing closet organizer is a wicker basket or a rope basket. sells wicker baskets in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Baskets are a great way to fold and store lesser-used items such as off-season clothing or extra towels. You can place a group of baskets on top of another closet organizer, such as a storage cube, for extra versatility. 

A closet organizer is also made specifically for neckties and belts. Stacks and Stacks sells several different types, such as a motorized revolving tie rack, tie hangers, belt hangers, Woodlore belt keepers, and a combination belt and tie storage solution. There is a closet organizer in this category for everyoneís taste, as they are available in a variety of colors and styles. 

While weíre on the subject of accessories, Stacks and Stacks also offers a closet organizer for hats and caps. Whether you have 8 hats or 42 hats, thereís a storage solution to fit your specific need. This closet organizer can hang on the back of your closet door, on the closet rod, or on the wall. For larger hats, Stacks and Stacks also sells hat boxes in a stylish, modern design. 

JambFor extra storage of clothes and towels, Stacks and Stacks also offers the Jamb It Slack Rack. This closet organizer is installed easily on to the door jamb and can hold up to 10 items. This is a very creative storage solution, as most people would not expect to find extra storage space on their door jamb.

About the Author:

About the Author: Brian Channell is an entrepreneur and manages several businesses. Please visit  for more home organization tips and ideas.  source:

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