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             With Fast & Easy Updates

While older kitchens can have their own unique charm some of them are like Cinderella's stepsisters: They're just ugly. Fortunately these "ugly stepsister" kitchens can be transformed into belles of the ball by rectifying these five areas: fluorescent lights, boring walls, drab window treatments, stagnant upper cabinets, and lack of a kitchen island.

Kill the Fluorescent Lights: Designers say that the era of cheap fluorescent kitchen lighting is long gone. Replacing them, however, may take a little work, since it will be necessary to remove the boxy fixtures from the ceiling, patch the holes left by their attachments, and probably paint the ceiling as well. However, in their place a homeowner can install nearly any kind of light fixture that will a) harmonize with the existing décor and b) provide sufficient light for food preparation. Some designers like to replace fluorescents with track lighting, installed about 12 to 18 inches in a U-shape in front of the upper cabinets. 

Boring Walls: Quit playing it safe with white kitchen walls! Paint is the simplest, least expensive way to brighten up a room and can mean even more in a kitchen, since there's often less wall space. Cover up the cabinets with drop cloths and painter's tape and go to town. Whatever color strikes your fancy, be sure to get a semi-gloss or satin finish so it's easy to wipe clean.

Windows on Your World: News flash: Those café curtains look so dingy that no self-respecting greasy spoon diner would have them. So take them down, stuff patching plaster in the holes and head out to the home improvement store to survey your options.  You could go with new curtains; it's true but what about some tropical looking shutters for a completely different look? How about some vertical blinds or even a shade with a cheery valance or swag drape in country calico? The point is to make the window treatment as inviting as the rest of your newly updated kitchen.

Wide Open Spaces: That row of upper cabinets sure does make a kitchen look like prison. To open up the space, take the doors off one of the larger cabinets and cut out the center inset, or a center portion of the wood. Sand down the edges and finish them off with stain, paint or molding. Then take the doors to a glass shop for customized panels to fit into the spaces. In the time that it takes for the store to obtain and install the glass, sand the cabinet inside and paint it an intriguing accent color. Don't put the doors back on until it's certain the paint has dried.

Your Very Own Island: A kitchen island is a delightful invention. It provides more space for food preparation and often includes more space for storage. And it doesn't have to be built-in, either. A quick trip to the home improvement store can end with your very own island taking up residence in the kitchen. Just be sure to measure the kitchen dimensions first, so that there's a clearance around the island when in use of at least 30 inches in all directions. Don't worry if it does not matching the existing countertops or cabinets. An island is so distinctive it deserves its own identity.

Because Michelle has such a functional kitchen she doesn’t spend much time in there but loves making soup crock pot recipes and  breakfast crock pot recipes  using her handy crock pot. 

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