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Contemporary Rugs - A Natural Twist

In a contemporary world, many consumers find themselves in search of just the right accent to add a touch of spice to their homes. What to buy? Where to purchase? And just how much will I spend? These are just the type of questions that plague many consumers on a day to day basis. 

Enter the era of natural rugs, with a combination of fashion and durability these chic accessories are just the right addition for the modern day family. But the question remains, which type of rug is right for you?

The Many Faces of Natural Rugs

There are many types of natural and contemporary rugs, but the most popular among today's consumers are as follows:

Sisal Rugs: Constructed from a rope-like fiber that is tough and wears well over many years, the sisal rug is the best choice when you want durability and easy maintenance in a beautiful rug. Sisal rugs are also suitable for outdoor use in a dry area as they will resist rot and mildew. For extra value some sisal rugs are reversible so that you can enjoy your rug for twice as long. Most sisal rugs have a woven border, and these come in a large variety of colors and designs, from neutrals to animal prints.


  • Sisal plus wool equals a beautiful contemporary rug with European comfort and feel. If you like the look of the natural fiber but prefer an easier to clean softer feeling rug, there are similar sisal-like rugs whose hand woven design is made from 100% wool. 
  • Jute is also a popular choice in natural area rugs and can be used in much the same way as sisal. It is a softer fiber, however, and should not be used in areas of high traffic.
  • Bamboo rugs are made from natural bamboo strips, with a cotton binding or border around the edges and a felt backing. Colors vary according to the pieces of material used, and these look great in tropical settings.

Tibetan Rug: Tibetan rugs are hand woven from wool and silk; in designs that range from geometric and abstract patterns to traditional symbols found in the Buddhist traditions of Tibet. The lenient accents and soft color characteristics of Tibetan rugs are stunning in contrast with the high tech look of glass and steel furniture.

An example of the best quality craftsmanship, the Tibetan rug will fit well into your rooms' decor. A large color field is characteristic of these rugs from Nepal. Available in colors ranging from neutrals to naturals, sherbets and shocking to match, there is nothing like the rich elegance of Tibetan rugs to show off your home.

Shag: The new commercially available shag area rugs give the comfort of familiar shag rugs a functional, modern twist. Even better, modern day shag rugs are made of higher quality materials than their disco era predecessors.

In past years, most shag rugs were only woven in solid colors or simple combinations. But today, that is not the case. Recently designers like Larry Hokanson have designed rugs for Hollywood celebrities combining platinum & copper yarns. This development opened the doors for manufacturers to offer varieties of colors, shapes, textures & styles, including short shag and four inch luxury shags.

Believe it or not, some companies even offer leather shags, which are made by hand knotting thin pieces of leather similar to yarn. With so many options and so many different styles of comfort, the rug of yesterday is most definitely becoming the rug of tomorrow...

Now that we have defined the most popular types of contemporary natural rugs, lets discuss the two S's, shopping and shipping. With advances in technology at an all time high, the internet has made the big bad world of entrepreneurs a whole lot smaller.  


Vive la Internet: Shopping for the right type of area rug that meets your own personal style, budget and space can be difficult. Before you begin, ask yourself and your business of choice these important questions:

Q: What size rug do I need?
A: The size rug you need is determined by the size of your room, not so much by the layout of your furniture. A rug looks best when centered in the room and from 1 to 3 feet from the wall. This allows the rug to cover your floor but still be framed by it. Also, smaller rugs can be placed about the room with some space in between, allowing for use of varied but complementary area rugs such as Oriental and Persian.

Q: Where is the best place to put a rug?
A: All rooms can use an area rug, including a doorway mat in front of your garage door. Rugs can be used on all types of floors, including hardwood, brick, tile and carpets. There are different pads designed for hard surfaces and carpet which stop rugs from moving, budding, or bunching.

Q: How accurately do the pictures on the screen reflect the actual colors of the rug?
A: The color seen on your monitor is usually about 95% accurate. This percentage can be greatly affected by the quality of your particular monitor and its color calibration. If unsure, asked to be mailed a catalog or brochure containing the rug you want.

Q: Can I transfer my credit card information safely?
A: Be sure your business of choice uses SSL for safe and secure shopping. SSL encrypts all information using the latest technology available.

Q: Which method of payment does the merchant accept?
A: Be sure that the business of choice can meet your needs concerning the method of payment you desire to use.

Q: Will there be sales tax?
A: You will want to find out how much the sales tax for your selected item will be, and if it applies to out of state purchases.


There are just six few words to explain the shipping of your new area rug. The Best Shipping is Free Shipping!!! But more importantly is to be sure to find out the particulars of the shipping process, such as: 

  • Which carrier will be shipping your item and what will the tracking number be?
  • What is the average shipping turn around time and what day will it be shipped?
  • Be sure to provide the most accurate shipping information (i.e., address, contact number, and first and last name of the person who is to receive the shipment). Inquire about who's responsible for shipping and return policies for incorrect or unacceptable product.
  • Inquire about the possibility of express delivery if you are really in a hurry.
  • All of these questions will make the time between paying for your area rug and receiving your purchase a lot less stressful for you as a consumer.

The world boasts a plethora of area rugs, natural and otherwise, for your discovery. From the durability and comfort of sisal to the passion and imagery of Tibet, there is a rug out there that has captured the personality and style of your home and is waiting for you to allow it to breathe just the right amount of life into it. All you have to do is find it.

About the Author

Sandra Wilson is a writer and marketing consultant who enjoys providing home improvement tips to consumers when shopping for the right area rugs, contemporary rugs, and discount rugs.

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