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Contemporary Decor: 
Crisp, Sleek And Definitely Not Boring

Contemporary design often gets a bad rap from people who were raised on the formal settings of mid-20th century Traditional styles. To them, contemporary style is "sterile" or even "boring." The reality goes far beyond these stereotypes.

To change attitudes about Contemporary style, start by using words such as "clean," "crisp," "simple," "elegant" and "spacious." If anything, Contemporary decor may upset people used to more cluttered kinds of interior design precisely because it is so spacious. Space becomes as integral a design element as color and line in this decor.

Start with color. Contemporary design makes generous use of black, white and neutrals, with punches and pops of intense warm colors such as red, orange, or yellow (a bright lime green might also qualify). Often these colors appear in pillows, on accent walls or most often in area rugs. Conversely, deep charcoal gray or black area rugs can serve to anchor bright accents used in pillows or window treatments.

Speaking of floors, many rooms in Contemporary design use exposed painted concrete floors, solid-colored tile or other flooring rather than wall-to-wall carpet. The room is given definition by grouping the furniture on stunning area rugs. Contemporary decor also uses lots of metal, stone and glass, possibly where the design gets its reputation for being hard. To relieve this impression, warm up the decor by using window treatments, pillows or area rugs in solid colors but with strong textures.

Avoid fussy prints in multiple colors. They add an air of confusion to a space that's supposed to be clean and simple. Instead, think about using two-tone prints such as animal prints. Zebra print pillows against black leather sofas, leopard-print floor cushions or textured area rugs  in stripes will anchor solid-colored furniture. 

As mentioned previously, don't clutter the room. Treat individual furniture pieces as if they were works of art, and set up lighting to highlight these pieces according. In fact, the sculptural details of light fixtures themselves could act as artwork. Choose large artwork for plain painted walls, and direct a spotlight or track lighting on it. Go for a single gigantic lily a la Georgia O'Keefe or a Jackson Pollock geometric. This gives the room a focal point to capture people's attention.

Another way to soften the edginess of Contemporary decor is by using large, dramatic plants and flowers. Place them in sleek containers and cover the dirt with smooth river stones or bark mulch. Avoid small, fussy flower arrangements. 

Lighting also is an integral to a Contemporary decorating scheme as is space. Recessed lighting or track lights bathe the room in light, while still being directed to highlight those special pieces in the room.

When placing artwork or photographs, again look for big, dramatic images and frame them frames of high-gloss black, matte black, metal or natural wood. Group several photos or prints closely together to give the illusion of one large work of art rather than several small ones. Always remember that big and bold are hallmarks of Contemporary decor.

Space, simplicity and color add up to the sophistication that characterizes a well-executed room in Contemporary style decor.


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