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Using Color in Your Decor 

Using Color Tricks in Home Decor  Just as a painter uses color to fool the eye and to create mood in fine art, so the designer can use color to fool the eye in home décor. Here are a few tips for the creative DIY designer (that's YOU!) dealing with problem spaces.

The Stress-Free Way  to Add Color to Your Walls  Painting walls a color other than white can be both exciting and daunting, here's how to do it and get the job done without having an anxiety attack!

The Meaning of Colors  When you are planning to decorate your home, the colors of your rooms should be one of your first considerations. You want to choose colors that you're not only comfortable with, but also colors that will create the right types of moods for both you and your guests in each room.

The Psychology of Color  A series of articles by Joey Lewitin, an author, artist, and designer of home décor accessories made from imported stone.

Faux Finishes   Learn tricks and tips for applying and selecting faux finishes for your home decor.




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