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Clearing Clutter and Rearranging 
     Your Décor for a Fresh Look 

By Monica Resinger 

Sometimes we can get stuck into a rut thinking that we have accomplished our decorating goals because we were satisfied with the look at some point; I have since learned that there is no end point to decorating your home (even when your goals have been satisfied) and that it is an on-going process that requires constant assessing. Sometimes clutter will take over an area without our notice. Sometimes our interests change and what once looked good to us no longer does. We let things go and areas in our home become too dusty to be able to see any beauty whatsoever. Sometimes things get broken. These are reasons we need to constantly assess our décor. 

Recently, I had been craving a new look in my home yet didn’t want to change the theme or spend a lot of money. I decided to try and clear clutter and move items around to see if that would give me the change I wanted, and, to my surprise, it did wonders and it can for you too. 

First, choose a small area of your home that is lacking beauty, cluttered or otherwise needs a lift. This area could be a tabletop, shelf, drawer, space on the floor or any area that is bothering you. You may have a lot of these areas like I did; if so, don’t try to take them on all at once, just do one little area at a time and it will make a difference.  Upon 

completion of each small area, you’ll gain confidence, inspiration and motivation for completing another small area and you’ll be spurred on to finish in no time while enjoying the process.

Once you have the area chosen, clear everything away from it. Take a look at the items you have cleared from the area and be sure you really love them or they are useful to you. Anything that you don’t love or use is clutter and you should get rid of it right away. Pack these items into a box to give to a charity, friend or relative. If there are any broken items, throw them away. If there are items that belong elsewhere, put them away where they belong.

Wipe the surface of the area and the items you are keeping in the area with a damp rag, or clean otherwise.

Now comes the fun part. Begin experimenting with a new arrangement for this area by placing the original items, and/or other items from your home into new spots; keep experimenting until you get a pleasing look. 

Here are some additional tips:

~ Add a colorful doily or table runner before replacing the items.

~ If you have created new space by clearing clutter, consider adding a basket of potpourri, a pretty scented candle or vase of fresh flowers. These items can usually fit in with any type of décor and add scent and color.

~ If the area you are working on is a piece of furniture, consider painting, staining or re-surfacing it. I have three ugly pressed wood end tables that I am currently giving new paint treatments to. To do this, I have lightly sanded the surface so the paint will stick, then painted different acrylic colors that coordinate with my decorating theme into each section. This alone is such a huge improvement from the ugly dark pressed wood, but I’m also going to paint a freehand lighthouse into one of the bigger sections. Another idea to consider is to cut wallpaper or contact paper to fit into sections of furniture or to cover completely.

~ Don’t forget your walls. You probably don’t want or need to take everything off of your walls, but you certainly can consider rearranging pictures or wall art, or, adding new ones. Maybe your walls could use a wash also; now’s the time to consider it. 

~ If there are items you need to store, like remote controls, pens and pencils, a notepad, etc., find a pretty container to contain them in, such as a basket, or a hat box.

~ If a holiday is coming up, consider placing a few of your holiday decorations into the area.

~ Maybe rearranging your furniture will give you the change you need. You can also consider slip-covering your sofa or chairs for a new look.

If you feel the need for a change in your décor, but lack the money and/or motivation for a new theme, I urge you to try clearing clutter and rearranging your décor for a fresh new look; I promise it will be well worth the effort.

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