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Taking a Tired Old Bedroom 
          to a Stylish New Room in Nine Simple Steps

Transforming your old bedroom into one of the most cherished rooms in the home is easily done with this easy nine step process. Sculpting your room into a room of luxury and comfort can be done on a low budget and the result is a bedroom filled with style and sophistication. Simply follow the nine easy steps below to transform your bedroom into a paradise of luxury and comfort: 

1. Organize Organizing is the first step in revamping your bedroom. Before any decorating can begin it is important to sort through all your belongings and pack everything away that is of no use. Remember, we are working towards a goal: a roomy, comfortable room that is attractive and enticing. Therefore, pack everything away you don’t really need and get rid of the clutter. 

2. The Bed The bed is the main object in the bedroom and should be the centre-piece of the room. The goal here is to have a bed that attracts the person entering the room and have everything around it complimenting the mood it sets. Select bedding that appeals the most to you. Choose colors that you enjoy and a design or a style that suits your personality. If you’re an animal lover, perhaps choose a zebra bed. If you love your garden, try something floral. It is important that the bedding be a part of you. With simply changing the comforter or bedspread you will find a drastic difference in the room.

3. Windows Windows should not be overlooked. With a beautiful drape or valance you can turn the room into a warm and appealing room. If you are considering drapes, long drapes will elongate the walls. Color selection is important. Choose colors that accentuate the walls and match the bedding set. If you are adding a valance be sure to add the addition of blinds or drapes as well as a valance does not allow for privacy. 

4. Light Fixtures Light fixtures should be an accessory that compliments the room. The market is full of a variety of fixtures from silver, brass, and pewter and finding the right fit for your room will not be difficult. It is important to consider the lighting in the room. Choose fixtures for each side of the bed that can be dimmed. Add a lamp that you can dress the dresser up with and turn on in the room for additional light and purchase a new cover for your ceiling light that will compliment your new style.

5. Fresh Paint Repainting the room will freshen the room up in one of the most enticing manners. However, it is important to follow a few guidelines.

  • Confined Spaces: To give the look of a larger appearance paint the room with a light color. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and is also great for rooms that do not get much natural light.
  • High Ceilings: Give the room a grand appearance by painting high ceilings in a darker color than that of the walls. This will decrease the height of the room and give it a more intimate feel.
  • Narrow Spaces: The feel of a narrow room can changed with the use of different hues. Make the end wall a feature wall using a dark color. The side walls should then be painted a lighter hue. This combination will give the illusion of a wider room.
6. Floors Spruce up the floors by adding color and warmth via an appropriate rug. Remember, however, that color choice is important as a darker colored area rug will give the room a smaller appearance. 

7. Refurbish, Design and Create, or Purchase a Headboard The headboard in the room is important as it frames the bed. Spruce up your existing headboard by refinishing it, painting it, or upholstering it. If you do not have a headboard and cannot afford to purchase one, then consider painting the design of a headboard on the wall behind the bed. 

8. Hardware Changing the hardware in the room will make a huge difference in the appearance of the room. Remove your existing handles and knobs and select handles and knobs that will match the theme of your room. Remember, this is one of the oldest and most effective tricks of the trade! 

9. Accessories Adding accessories to the room will help to bring the entire scene together. For the bed include pillow shams or, for a more dramatic effect, Euro shams. Also, add some additional pillows that compliment the colors of the bedding. One beautiful look is to make a round bedside table and to make the tablecloth out of a sheet matching the bedding. Add beautiful picture frames or mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Look around the room, consider planter boxes for the walls, or perhaps mirrors or iron designs that will help to make the room homey. 

About the Author:

Alan Riley is the publisher of BeautifulBeddingSets.com, a site devoted to helping people find the perfect bedding for their needs, including comforters sets or bedspreads. Alan has many top brands such as Kimlor and JoJo Designs where one can find wonderful selections. He and his wife Merilyn live with their two children in a leafy Melbourne, which is in the far South East corner of Australia. With two growing kids and having moved homes a couple of times, Alan has updated several bedrooms and understands the effort involved. Alan loves to spend his leisure time out sailing. He and his family are also active members of their local church.   


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