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Decorating a Master Suite with Candle Arrangements

Make it a Haven for Romance

The glow of candlelight can change the entire mood and look of a room, especially the master suite, and the choices for romantic candle arrangements are many. You will find dramatic candle stands that will light up the night, beautiful wall sconces that cast a mystical glow, unique candle holders to set on a table, and intricately impressive candle trays. Candle arrangements can help turn any master suite into a haven for romance, and the following ideas will show you how.

Dramatic Candle Stands

 A candle stand is not just a simple holder or room decoration. A candle stand is a free-standing piece of furniture that will add drama and interest to a room. Consider a decorative stand that will make a statement in your master suite. Nothing sets the mood for romance more effectively than the glow of a large scented pillar candle on a dramatic stand. It helps set the tone, and it adds a sense of elegance and unique style to any master suite or bedroom abode. Two twisted candle stands poised at the end of the bed enhance the mood of the room, and they are works of art that will cast an luminous glow across the walls and furnishings.

Wall Arrangements 

If you want to add subtle light to your master suite while adding distinct style, consider hanging walls sconces along side of a mirror displayed on the wall at the head of the bed. The mirror will be the focal point of the display, and the wall scones will set the mood for romance. No matter your decorating taste or style, you will find mirrors and wall arrangements to suit your preference and budget, and your master suite will become your personal haven for romance and relaxation.

Tabletop Holders

An empty bedside table or nightstand is the perfect spot for decorative candle arrangements. Consider choosing a unique candle holder that supports more than a single candle to cast a brighter glow, or opt for single arrangements of varying heights. Candles and high-quality candle arrangements are the key to adding romance to the master suite, and you cannot go wrong with any type or style you choose.

Master Bath Arrangements

A master suite encompasses the master bath, and candles around the bathtub set the mood for relaxation and romance. Choose two or three arrangements of the same style, or a single holder that goes well with a larger set. Use your unique sense of creativity and personal style to choose just the right candle arrangements to embellish and surround the master bath. A silver candle set with an elegant tray is an excellent choice, and it would look lovely on a master bath countertop or on the corner of a spa.

Set the Mood with Fragrance

Whatever candles you decide to use when decorating your master suite, remember that fragrance plays a big part in setting the mood for romance. Choose soft scents such as vanilla, lavender, musk, rose, or classic linen. As darkness falls, light the candles, and give them time to infuse the room with fragrance. The room with be bathed in candlelight, and you will feel like you have been swept off your feet and whisked away to another place and time.

About the Author:

Jessica Ackerman and is an expert contributing author for a unique iron wall decor  store offering variety of wrought iron wall decor  wall clocks and wall candle sconces .

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