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A Spa Inspired Bathroom

With the hectic lives we all lead, many of us are looking to add some relaxation time to our schedules. We spend money on resorts and exclusive spas, but what about adding a little more relaxation into your home?

The bathroom has taken on a whole new role. It has gone from a functional sanitary place to a spa-like sanctuary. It is now the room of choice in which to relax, rejuvenate and recharge from our frenetic daily lives.

Today, bathrooms can rival those at the most fashionable spas. The new trend is to establish a wellness room in the master bathroom where innovative spa-like tools such as air jet baths and therapeutic shower units deliver short and long-term health benefits. One can now spend hours on end soaking in the luxury of an air jet bath filled with essential oils, mud or salts. Dreamers can while away hours in a rose-petal-scented bath, tired athletes may soak stressed muscles in a therapeutic bath, bathers can add rosemary and fresh mint if they want to renew themselves; seaweed and sesame oil if they want to detoxify, energise and moisturise; or coconut oil and imitation rum extract to mend a "really bad mood.

Fixtures remain a cost-effective way to rejuvenate or transform a bathroom. Whether it's sensor-activated faucets, toilets with self-cleaning bidets or custom showers, technology is making the bathroom more functional, convenient and pleasurable.

One of the fastest growing trends in bathrooms is custom showering. Rainfall showerheads that were once only found in fine spas are now a popular way to transform your shower experience. For the ultimate showering experience choose from a range of shower options including bubbling footbaths with eight adjustable body and hydro massage jets or the cascading waterfall shower digitally controlled by a thermostatic valve and 10 massaging body jets for the ultimate at home showering experience. For an invigorating shower sprinkle a few drops of lemon oil onto the base of the shower before stepping in. Technology concepts like chromotherapy (light) and hydrosonic (Sound) are increasingly being incorporated into the actual bath or shower with a selection of soft background music or recordings of nature used to further enhance the home spa experience.

When decorating a spa bathroom natural materials work well. A bamboo floor mat combines well with other warm, textured accessories like rattan chairs and baskets to hold rolled hand towels, wash cloths and bath items. Cane or wicker shelving units are ideal for storing bulky towels ready for use. White towels give a crisp, clean feel while yellow infuses a room with sunshine and warmth. Luxurious towels in hues of violet, blue, or green enrich and add depth. Monograms are not just for towels and robes found in expensive resorts and hotels.  They are showing up everywhere on soap, vanity accessories and lampshades as well. Start a family tradition and have your families initials embroidered onto bathroom linens and robes.

Bring nature into your spa bathroom with flowers and plants. An Aloe Vera plant works well in a modern setting and has the advantage of acting as an emergency first aid measure for cuts. In a villa or traditional setting try a member of the fern family. Do not use plants with soft or velvety leaves as the steam and moisture will cause the plant to die.

Spice up your walls with a faux finish to give your bathroom a whole new feel and vibrancy. Try a soft mix of tranquil seascape colours of pale greens, watery blues and sandy beige to help turn your bathroom into a haven of calm relaxation and respite from the outside world. Here are a few examples:

Cloud Technique - Not many experiences compare to a beautiful spring day when white puffy clouds seem to just float across a crisp blue sky. It has the ability to make you feel refreshed. With the Cloud technique faux finish, that same feeling can be obtained every time you step into the bathroom. The first two steps are as easy as tracing cloud-like shapes on a wall in irregular patterns and applying a light blue colour to the wall outside the pattern. Then blend in a second darker blue with a sea sponge. After the initial colours dry, the final step entails applying a small amount of white glaze to the edges of the clouds to act as an accent.

Frottage Sponging - Another sponging technique to make a wall really stand out is Frottage Sponging. Apply three different colours in two-inch by two-inch areas on the wall. Then take an ordinary sponge and lightly blend the colours together. After blending, take different shapes of torn newspaper and smooth them onto the wall. When you peel off the newspaper you are left with a beautiful, new faux finish.

Travertine Marble - The Travertine Marble technique adds a soft feel to a room. The look is sophisticated and elegant. To create the Travertine Marble finish, apply three different paint colours in two-inch by two-inch areas, blend them with a sponge, and then finish it off with a white glaze to add dimension and sparkle.

Candles, a selection of scented soaps and other accessories can all be used to add to your home spa experience. Add a ledge of candles or a romantic French style lamp to provide ambience and style. Canister sets with lids, glass and metal decorating accessories are as useful as they are beautiful. Clear glass containers and apothecary jars that allow the beauty and colour of the contents to be viewed are perfect for holding bath salts, beads, oils and soaps.

Well-chosen spa inspired art or tranquil landscapes can enhance the ambience of your bathroom. Valuable or heirloom pieces however, are best not displayed in the bathroom where temperature and humidity varies. When hanging art in the bathroom seal pictures behind glass for protection. Clean frames and glass regularly. Make use of narrow wall spaces. Accentuate the narrow space between e.g. windows or door frames by displaying two or more matching prints in identical frames. Tightly grouping an even number of pictures in a small space or narrow bathroom gives a window effect. This effect can be enhanced by using light colours and slender frames.

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