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Choosing the Right Sauna 

In the marketplace today, there are two distinct types of saunas that provide the healing elements that they have been traditionally known for: a far infrared sauna or the traditional Finnish sauna. Both of these products perform the basics of sauna therapy by cleansing the body from its perspiration. In the soothing heat, the pores of the skin open up, releasing impurities from the body and leaving skin re-toned and refreshed. Which one to choose? Let's examine both types of saunas available online today and determine which one best suits your needs.

The far infrared type of sauna has been around since the mid-1960s. Using modern technology, heat is generated by ceramic heaters converting most of the energy supplied into infrared thermal heat waves. This type of heat wave is a natural form; similar to the heat waves we receive daily from the sun. The radiant heat produced warms objects without heating the atmosphere around the objects. This process of direct heating is known as conversion. The light used cannot be seen without special lenses but the energy produced is concentrated in such a way as to provide all the benefits without the risk of burning or radiation exposure.

The traditional Finnish sauna is what everyone pictures when the word "sauna" is mentioned. The steam and heat sauna has been used for centuries by cultures such as the Russians, Native Americans, Japanese, and, of course, the Finns. A small room or hut is used and burning wood provides heat. After the fire is out and the smoke has dissipated, the sauna is ready for use. Today, heaters supply the heat. The famous steam is provided by water splashed onto highly heated rocks. The steam evenly distributes the heat, which can reach 100 degrees Celsius. Many health clubs and vacation spots offer traditional Finnish saunas as part of their attraction. Now, people can enjoy a soothing sauna right in the comfort of their own home. Both infrared and Finnish saunas are available for home use. 

Sauna Benefits

Both types of sauna offer sizeable health benefits for the daily user. Using a sauna has long been considered to be helpful in a variety of health problems such as weight control, high blood pressure, pain reduction, increased immune system response, and improved skin condition. Other benefits include stress reduction, decreased fatigue, better sleep, and a peaceful, relaxed sensation. Both types of units can gain all the benefits. However, some do not like the steam and extreme heat that Finnish saunas provide. Also, many people cannot afford a sauna room in their house. A portable infrared sauna can be the answer to this problem.

With infrared saunas, other benefits related to health can be gained. Infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature, approximately 130 degrees. That is compared with the 180 to 200 degrees generated by the heat and steam in a traditional Finnish sauna. The lower temperature in the infrared sauna is beneficial to those with certain chronic diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and some forms of cancer. The direct heat on the body from the infrared heaters helps loosen fat cells and toxins escape the body more abundantly. Some of the toxins released by the infrared heat include: sodium, cholesterol, cadmium, lead, nickel, and mercury. The body eliminates most of these toxins simply by sweating but in daily life, the process can be too slow. FIR heat technology stimulates the sweat glands and speeds up the natural processes that cleanse and detoxify the body.

Steam saunas such as the Finnish sauna raise the temperature of the surrounding air so that within the sauna some people have difficulty breathing. This may be considered an advantage for those young with healthy lungs. The steam helps release toxins and potentially harmful viruses from the lungs. But for those with problems breathing, a steam sauna could worsen the condition. The infrared saunas heat the body directly without effecting the surrounding environment. The body still releases the toxin-laden perspiration without aggravating breathing problems. The infrared process also results in a lower energy bill while the system produces deep penetration of the skin. 

Sauna Location and Placement

Space available to place a sauna is a major consideration when thinking of purchasing a sauna. Finnish saunas need a large area to place the cedar-lined room with enough room to provide for benches that seats at least four people. Also, you must make sure that the room in which the sauna is to be placed is waterproof and has the necessary electrical connections so that the heater can operate safely. Sizes of units can be made to order and the design made especially for your project. Pre-built kits are available online at an affordable price to help you create a perfect Finnish sauna within or outside of your house. Professional installation can be arranged for those that need such.

Some infrared saunas are portable and require little set-up time and placement is easy. Even people that live in an apartment can enjoy a relaxing sauna bath within their living space. Clean up is also easy since most units fold into small packages, capable of being stored in a closet or behind furniture. But, most of all, the best advantage to an infrared sauna is the price. You can obtain a system for a reasonable amount of money and be able to take it with you in case you decide to move.

Purchasing a Sauna

Having looked at both types of saunas, you may have decided which one is right for you. If not, consider the advantages of each and decide which one provides for your needs the best. Both Finnish and infrared saunas are available over the Internet. Most are offered at very competitive prices and in many cases, delivery can be free in most areas. Payment is easy with most dealers online accepting all major credit cards. In some cases, dealers may arrange financing for those that qualify. When purchasing your new sauna, check out the accessories and supplies available for the operation of your system. Many websites offer newsletters by subscriptions that offer helpful advice and tips for new sauna owners. 

About the Author

David Kelly is a successful author and business owner, who enjoys providing informative tips and guides to consumers when shopping for steam saunas, far infrared saunas, and hot tubs.

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