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Designing The Den

You have moved into a new home, and you have designed most of the rooms. The bedrooms are well set up, as well as the kitchen, study, living room, utility room, and bathrooms. But there is one room that is missing that is particularly important as the summer vacation is about to begin. This room is the children’s den or playroom, where your children are probably going to hang out for quite a lot of the time, and they will probably bring their friends, too.

Contemporary Decor: 
Crisp, Sleek  
And Definitely 
Not Boring

Contemporary design often gets a bad rap from people who were raised on the formal settings of mid-20th century Traditional styles. To them, contemporary style is "sterile" or even "boring." The reality goes far beyond these stereotypes.

Guide to Area Rugs

All Home Decor can help you decorate and care for your home. Here you will find tips and furnishings, accessories, wallpaper and blinds, curtains, draperies, bedding, linens, candles, organizers, and more for the living room, dining room, kitchen, fitness room, home office, home decor, master bedroom, kid's room, nursery, bath, garden, and patio. 


Decorating your home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.   Recycled items utilized in your home decor can save a ton of money, not to mention landfill space.  Use items you already have or shop for used items at thrift stores or yard sales.  More 

Organize Your
Bathroom With Baskets

An easy, inexpensive way to add some eye appeal to any room of your home…including the bathroom is to utilize baskets!    I recently redecorated my bathroom and re-organized and cleaned up some of the clutter by putting things in baskets. It changed the whole look of my bathroom.  
Organize the Bathroom

 Fix An Outdated Kitchen With Fast & Easy Updates

While older kitchens can have their own unique charm some of them are like Cinderella's stepsisters: They're just ugly. Fortunately these "ugly stepsister" kitchens can be transformed into belles of the ball by rectifying these five areas   
Fix an Outdated Kitchen

Taking a Tired Old Bedroom to a Stylish New Room in Nine Simple Steps

Transforming your old bedroom into one of the most cherished rooms in the home is easily done with this easy nine step process. Sculpting your room into a room of luxury and comfort can be done on a low budget and the result is a bedroom filled with style and sophistication.   Redecorate Your Tired Bedroom

Rearranging Furniture in a Room: 
Tips to Transform a Space

Rearranging furniture is one of the easiest ways to give a space an entirely new look, but many people do not have a clue on how to arrange furniture. The way in which furniture is arranged can make or break the look of a room, and no matter how well the walls are decorated, and no matter how classy the furniture is, it will not look nearly as stylish or elegant if it is not appropriately arranged. Instead of simply lining the walls with furniture and other belongings, consider the following tips on rearranging a space for a completely new look. Rearranging is by far the least expensive way to transform the look of an area within the home, and after rearranging it truly will look and feel brand new.  
Rearrange Furniture

Recycled Décor 
for Money and 
Landfill Space Savings 

Home Organization
Ideas and suggestions for getting your home organized and keeping it organized.  You will find ideas for closet organization, kitchen organization, bathroom organization and much more.

DIY Home Improvements  Articles and suggestions for Do It Yourself home improvement projects.

Decorative Know How -  Faux Marble in Six Easy Steps  The real beauty of this technique is that because the materials are inexpensive it allows you to try different colors and  finishes to match your décor. Experiment with different shades and tones and try varying the depth of the veins to really bring the work alive. With a little practice, and some patience, you might be amazed at the results.

Doing Up Your Home with Tropical Decor   If you are looking to give your home an exotic touch then tropical decor is just right for you. Comfortable homes that shout out a warm welcome to your visitors can be easily achieved by bringing the tropics to your living room.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets  Painting is the least expensive option for redecorating your kitchen cabinets.  It can give the room new life. The job can be easily done over a long weekend with the right preparation. 

Kitchen Decor Ideas

Winter Container Gardening

Add a little color to your front porch with winter container gardening.   
Winter Container Gardening

Seasonal Decor


Patching Drywall

Choosing Wall Art
for Your Home

All Baby 'N Kids
has nursery and kids room decor as well as baby, kids, pregnancy, and mom helps and resources and activities to help with the most important job you will ever have!   Find baby naming tips, crafts for kids,  and information for moms!  Visit

Accident cause a hole in your drywall?  Learn to patch that hole in your drywall with these easy to follow instructions!  More

Color Wash Your Walls

4 Painting Techniques

Stone Faux Finish

Choosing wall art can be an arduous process especially with so many questions. What size? How many? What shopping outlets exist past the local art fair? What about matting and framing?   More


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Avoid surfing all over the web.  We have reviewed these sites and summarized the special features, products and services available on them to help with your home decor

Storage, Furnishings and More Wallpaper, Blinds and Much More!
Home Lighting, Home Furnishings Furniture, Furniture Covers, Outdoor, Kitchen, & More! Kitchen Tables and Chairs
Fabrics and Crafts Gifts and Collectibles Brylane Kitchen
Sofa Slipcovers  

A Spa Inspired Bathroom

With the hectic lives we all lead, many of us are looking to add some relaxation time to our schedules. We spend money on resorts and exclusive spas, but what about adding a little more relaxation into your home?   More 


Area Rugs


Life after Green Shag Carpet 
Refinishing Wood Floors

You just bought that cute little bungalow down the street! It's your dream house, the layout is perfect, that woodwork is wonderful and the shag carpet is very, very green! But the good news is that you found wood floors under that dreadful carpet.  Grimy, pitted, discolored wood floors, but wood floors nonetheless!  Here is how to make certain that those wood floors become a gleaming, natural treasure in your home    More

Feng Shui - Debunking the myths and finding out what we can actually learn from the ancients.


Clearing Clutter



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